With a BA degree in Graphic Design Katya Gorelova brings a unique blend of creativity and technical expertise to her work. A self-proclaimed lover of black cats, she shares her home with two of these charming felines. Her passions extend beyond traditional design; she is an avid blogger, skilled in silk screen printing, an enthusiast of knitting, a collector of LEGO sets, and an explorer who loves to travel extensively.
This dynamic range of interests is reflected in her diverse client portfolio. She has worked with prestigious clients such as Oxford University Press, Mail.ru, and the Uzbekistan Art & Culture Development Foundation, Carousel TV channel, Seasons magazine, Paper o paper, hh.ru, various subscription publications, Alpina.children, and many others. Each project showcases her ability to blend artistic flair with practical design solutions, making her a sought-after talent in the design world.
Location: Armenia 🇦🇲
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