Alla Belova's art is a delightful exploration of childlike wonder and curiosity. Her illustrations are a testament to a lifelong dedication to learning and a deep appreciation for the whimsical.
With a background in mathematics (MA in Mathematics and Computer Sciences) and a passion for art, Alla has finely tuned her skills through courses at the London University of Arts, and a special focus on book illustrations through Melamed’s courses at BHSAD. This unique blend of analytical precision and creative exuberance is evident in her charming illustrations.
Alla has collaborated with an impressive roster of publishers including Clever Media Group, Samokat, MIF, Mosaic Kids, Phoenix-Premiere, Book House of Anastasia Orlova, Glagol, Ayar, and local publishing house Fakel.
Outside of her professional work, Alla’s interests are as diverse as her illustrations. She studies Korean, volunteers with cats, and is a budding zoopsychologist with a special fondness for felines.
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