Matthew Munday is a dynamic illustrator with a background in fashion and a degree in CG Arts & Animation. His journey began in animation studies, followed by years of exploration and work in London's fashion industry. Munday's distinct style, characterized by bold colors and energetic figures, quickly garnered attention, leading to gallery stocks and numerous illustration jobs. His work aims to capture the unique essence of everyday movement, often inspired by the vibrant interactions of city life.
Balancing corporate jobs with his artistic aspirations, Munday has developed a meticulous creative process, starting with rough sketches and refining them digitally. His dedication to his craft is evident in his disciplined approach to client work, always maintaining clear communication and setting boundaries to ensure successful collaborations. Passionate about making meaningful art that resonates with viewers, Munday continues to explore new horizons, including animation and augmented reality, while setting long-term goals to expand his studio and diversify his projects. 
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